The Chipmunka Foundation is a registered charity that was created by a true innovator of the 21st century, Jason Pegler. It empowers people who have suffered a 'mental illness'. It brings respect and self-respect to those who feel humiliated by the convenient categorisation of diagnosis. Chipmunka Publishing gives them a voice, and makes it loud enough to overcome the hurtful reputation attached these issues, producing hundreds of books with this philosophy on a global scale! The cover-art for both "Zaxxon" and "Defender" were designed by my associate Leigh Smith, a gentleman of the digital age, who can be contacted via this site. The e-books and paperbacks arranged by Chipmunka create dignity and self-worth in their writers. The team is understanding and professional. Through academic works, anthologies, fiction, poetry, self-help books, autobiographies, and much more, Chipmunka Publishing educates society, that their writers are sensitive and creative people, raw humanity with profound insights into the human condition, who have learnt that pride is not a sin.