Timed in? Or time's up?
These 'secrets' are relics that are undoubtedly an aspect of the present for a few, and may appear a though they are a part of my present also. In the dark days I was often diagnosed as "reading meanings into things that aren't there", but they seemed pretty damned real to me. There were meanings to be found within the 'unrandomness' of 'randomness', and especially in the method by which I was reading them. Sharing a co-incidence with someone takes away the weight of its significance, but long strings of co-incidences can occur. These cannot be shared because they are an exaggeratedly personal matter. The Oxford Concise Dictionary describes synchronicity as "the simultaneous occurrence of events with no discernible causal connection". This means that if you see co-incidences, for example, thirty times in ten minutes, you would be forced to define it differently. It is a kind of magic which makes you look beyond this world for the source of it. You have become 'synchronous' or 'synchronic' with a higher power, which I call 'Kaos'.

'K' seems to be capable of delivering an infinite number of messages, in the 'Now', to all who have attained that state of mind: billboards, number plates, newspapers, bits of overheard conversation. They can even pre-record it themselves. Like a writer meditating on whether or not this perception is a bad thing, and discovering that he has mistyped a letter 'K' instead of a 'C' onto the beginning of the word 'crass'! He has his answer. He puts the miracle aside and is unconcerned about the circumstances of the next. Art teaches the way to the rest of us. Musicians and authors have called it "the dreaming moment", partly because it is a subtly different existence, and also because the messages are so quickly forgotten. Directors of advertising, cinema, and television programming, depict strings of co-incidences which make the rest of us smile sagely at their ingenuity. The messages can also be called 'sublims'.

It is never repeated in the same way, like sea, or sky, the very definition of 'singularity'. In an aspect of science called chaos theory a butterfly flaps its wings in Tanzania it causes a hurricane in Florida. Everything affects everything else in an infinite number of unrepeatable events. The vehicle of a 'sublim' may even be, in retrospect, different to what was initially interpreted. It could be twisted by a wrong spelling, or a misheard word. After you've processed the implication you could look back at it again, you could, but the mistake is irrelevant. Your first interpretation was correct.  

Some people deny the concept because it infers we have an immutable destiny, particularly if it seems to have been arranged before it was read. However, the channel is infinitely adaptable, any tool can be translated into an infinite number of possible meanings that are mostly just positive or negative 'indicators' tailored to the individual's needs. Choices can still be made. Kaos can be a guide and sometimes more than that. Imagine a lifestyle in which you can have answers by flicking randomly through a book? When you go shopping in the High Street and always hear your favourite music? When every time you approach an intersection the traffic lights change so you can cross it at that exact time?

Accidental glances at a digital time-piece is one way to judge if you are 'synchronous'. When 59 seconds is rounded off into a minute, or when the seconds and minutes are identical. There are other signs. If you stare at anything for enough time you will observe it slightly rippling, you will also notice unrelated forms in nature's patterns, like finding shapes in clouds. You could see a discarded piece of aluminium foil as a piece of jewellery, or a knife. Company names, brand labels, and advertising slogans have more than one meaning. When you are living "between" you are presented with amazements. Add a letter 'K' to the beginning of the word 'now', you get the word 'know'!

Here are other examples in written language, delivered in phrases, words, words within words, or fragments of words. Take "partridge" as an illustration. You can interpret "tri", "part", "Pa", "rid", "ridge", or "art" - whatever component your attention settles on first. It could even be in the form of just one letter! That is why I created the Kaos alphabet about sixteen years ago. There is an abridged version of it below, beside the nature of single numbers.

THE KAOS ALPHABET                                                                 THE ESSENCE OF NUMERALS

A    "another"                                                                                      1   alone
B    "be" / relax, exist.                                                                        2   a couple
C    "see"                                                                                              3   God, holiness
D    "deliver"                                                                                        4   for
E     cigarettes, etc.                                                                            5   war, battle
F     sin                                                                                                  6   evil
G    "good"                                                                                          7   luck
H    "happy"                                                                                        8   forever
I      from another                                                                               9   law
J     religious entity
K    Kaos
L    life
M   man
N   "No!"
O   "OK"
P   page
Q   question
R   recognise
S   balance
T   tea, Time
U   "you"
V   "victory"
W   woman
X   Absolutely NO! / "Exit!"
Y   "Why?"
Z   God, sleep.

All of us see the odd co-incidence, but this is extreme. Beware of vehicle registration plates! Even if it doesn't hurt anyone else, it still matters because it can lead to feeling exclusively favoured by God, in lieu of another explanation. This is not a psychiatric predicament, but it can become exaggerated into a paranoid self-importance that may require treatment, what some would call a "Dark Side Of The Moon" psychosis. Are you synched-in, or just sick? Sublims can be momentous, or terrible. You don't force their carriage unless you are asking a direct question. 'K' can even work through mediums such as runes, or dice, or Tarot cards. Everything is laid out in the present, and, unless it is hurting you, you don't query your place in it. But for some Kaos can be a source of horror.

The symptoms raise an important question: where are your sublims coming from? At its best the perception is serendipitous, "a happy accident". At its worst you will receive evil flashes from black 'K' that will scare the hell into you. 'Voices' can be ignored, but this cannot, since the server is too outside and out of your control. Examples of it disappear as soon as they arrive, leaving only essences like dark dreams as unexplainable to a psychiatrist as winter in July. You will be in serious trouble if the symptoms merge.

If you want to be rid of it, stop caring. Don't actively pursue the sublims and gradually there will be less and less of them. Whether part of you moves in time is semantic. You can physically see yourself sliding out of that state, when unintentional glances at clocks show the numerals are no longer rounded off. Observing the further apart the seconds are from the minutes, the happier you may feel, and then it doesn't matter. Words and numbers no longer have any ambiguity. You wake from that "dreaming moment" to find that your surroundings have stopped talking to you. The world is back to the simpler place it is meant to be.